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Organizer - USA FIT Round Rock

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Head Coach - Blue/Green Marathon Group

I have been running for many years and have completed over 20 full marathons as well as numerous shorter races. I have been fortunate enough to run in some of the largest and most famous marathons in the country including Boston and New York City. This will be my sixth season coaching at Round Rock Fit. I coach the Blue/Green group for the full marathon. I enjoy working with new marathoners and watching them progress, but I am always happy to discuss training, race tactics and taper strategies with the experienced runners as well.


Head Coach - Blue/Green Marathon Group

I started with Round Rock Fit 13 years ago, when it was founded, as a coach for the blue group. Over the years I have completed several events including: Austin Distance Challenge Series, Boston Marathons, Berlin Marathon, Half Ironman events, and others. I’m looking forward to another great season helping the blue/green group and other runners achieve their athletic goals.


Assistant Coach - Blue/Green Marathon Group

I have been with Round Rock Fit for 6 yrs.  I have completed 11 marathons & several half marathons. I enjoy helping people reach their goal in completing full marathon. I also enjoy meeting new people and look forward to our Saturday runs.


Head Coach - Yellow Marathon Group

I started running at age 36 back in 1997 with Austin Fit.  I was not a runner, in fact I did not even like running long distance.  I would run a mile or so a couple times a week during soccer season so that I could play without totally dying.  I was inspired by my wife and two of our close friends who ran Austin Fit the year before.  My wife ran her final race with an undiagnosed broken heel.  Later that year my friend kept asking me to run and basically shamed me into by saying if she could run with a broken foot, then for goodness sake you can go run a couple of miles with me.   So apprehensively I signed up.  Eleven years later in 2008, a very persistent next door neighbor, convinced me to come out to run with Round Rock Fit.  I could not help but notice that RRFit was a much closer knit community than the larger Austin Fit.  It is this sense of community and friendships that has at least in part kept me coming back year after year.  My goals these days have matured with my age, I run for friendship, for family,  and for health.  I enjoy helping others meet their goals as a runner and a marathoner.


Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group

This is my sixth season with Round Rock Fit.  I started out with the half marathon group and after two seasons decided to take on the challenge of a full marathon.  Without the training and support provided by Round Rock Fit, I do not think I would have even attempted it.  Training for and running a half marathon or marathon is an empowering experience.  You’ll work hard, run in lousy weather, experience aches and pains, and you may even lose a toenail or two.  You’ll also find yourself getting stronger both physically and mentally and you’ll get to share that with a great bunch of people. I am eager to begin a new running season and share the journey with my fellow runners.


Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group

This is my fifth year with Round Rock Fit and first time as assistant coach for the Yellow Marathon group. I have had so much fun making good friends, crossing countless finish lines, and collecting finisher’s medals (bling). Every medal has memories and a story to tell. All of this is the reason I get up early on Saturday mornings to be a part of this awesome running group. I love running and am looking forward to another season with Round Rock Fit and my new job as assistant coach. I want to help achieve someone’s goal of finishing a marathon and more importantly making a difference in their life.


Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group

I began running with Round Rock Fit in 2010 after having four stents placed around my heart, and realizing that I needed to make a change.  My wife had already ran 10 full marathons and as many half marathons, so I thought I’d start out with a full marathon.  I have learned and continue to learn the good and bad practices surrounding marathon training, and want to share with those who continue to strive to improve.  I have enjoyed for many years the camaraderie of the people who continue to show up on not only the great days, but also the cold windy and rainy days.  The marathons are the icing on the cake, but the real achievements to me are during the training leading up to those races.  I look forward to supporting and cheering on the group going forward.


Head Coach - Red Marathon Group

I joined the Round Rock Fit half marathon group three seasons ago as a new runner at age 50, and have trained with the Red group the last two seasons. During this time, I have completed 4 half marathons and 4 marathons.  I look forward to Saturday mornings when I get to see the friends I’ve made over the last three years.  My goals for this season are to encourage and support new runners joining the program, and to cross the finish line of the Austin Marathon in February 2015.


Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group


Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group

This is my sixth season with Round Rock Fit.  Although I had run some in high school, I had never run more than  3 miles.  After  over 30 years of not running,  I joined Round Rock Fit with the goal of running a half marathon one time!  I really thought, I might run a half-marathon and that would be the end of my running.  Since then I have run the Austin Marathon, the Austin Distance Challenge, and a couple of half marathons each year.  I have been an assistant coach with the Marathon Red pace group for the last four years.   I have made plenty of training mistakes and hope to use my good and bad experiences to help new members have a successful first season.


Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group

I joined Round Rock Fit back in 2009. I’d never run more than two miles and actually hated all forms of cardio (especially running.) I entered marathon training on a challenge from a former boss and friend. It was during this first training season that I fell in love, not only with running, but with Round Rock Fit. Here I found a group of people so diverse and welcoming and a program full of so much knowledge that I kept coming back. This season I will be training for my fourth marathon and entering my first season as an assistant coach. I have learned A LOT of do’s and don’ts over the last three marathons. Spoiler alert: do just show up – all the time; don’t try a ANYTHING new no matter how big or small on marathon week (darn you convincing expo people!) I love motivating others to do their best and am here to offer my support (and killer running dance moves) during this upcoming season!


Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group

This is my first year running with Round Rock Fit, and I am very excited! I have been running for a few years now and currently work at Fleet Feet Sports, which feeds my passion for fitness. At first, like many others, I did not enjoy running all that much but kept at it because it made me feel good. Now I love it, and am ready to take on my first marathon. I have decided that, for some, running is an acquired sport. It doesn’t come easy to all, but the rewards are undeniable. I am ready to encourage those who find running to be the most arduous sport they have ever encountered, but have the courage to keep coming back for more. High five to you all!


Head Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners

I have been with Round Rock Fit since 2000 and have completed 12 marathons,
numerous half-marathon, marathon relays, 10k and 5k runs. Though I had been
running for several years prior to joining Round Rock Fit, I was never able to
run further than a 10k but with the help of Round Rock Fit and the assistant
coaches I was able to complete my first marathon. Kat and Marks’s coaching
inspired me to also help others finish their running goals. This will be my
fourth year coaching and I just love it. I love helping other succeed and will
do whatever I can to make sure you too can cross the finish line.


Assistant Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners

I started Round Rock Fit in 2007 after learning of an abnormality of my white blood cells that appeared to be the onset of what could eventually become adult leukemia. I was previously sedentary with a poor diet and the time had come to make a change in my life. I had never run a mile before in my life and never imagined completing a half or full marathon. By the end of my first season with Round Rock Fit I was able to complete a half marathon. By the end of my second season I completed a full marathon. In my third season I became assistant coach for the half marathon walkers and in 2013 became assistant coach for the half marathon runners.
My all time favorite quote is “Of all the words of tongue and pen the saddest are those…it might have been.” – J. G. Whittier


Assistant Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners


Assistant Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners

This is my seventh season with Round Rock Fit.  Prior to joining Round Rock Fit, I had run a few 5K races, but nothing longer.  I joined Round Rock Fit during the 2009-10 season with the goal of running my first 10K, half-marathon, and full-marathon.  The support and guidance from Mark, Kat, and the rest of the Round Round Fit family got me to the starting line healthy and confident.  Since then, running has become a passion for me, and I’ve completed seven full-marathons and numerous half-marathons, 10K’s and 5K’s.  I enjoy helping and motivating others as they work towards accomplishing their personal goals.  I can’t wait to start the season and meet our new members and catch-up with old friends.



Assistant Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners


Assistant Coach - Purple Half Marathon Runners

This is my first year joining Round Rock Fit. I have been running since 2010. In the last two years I have become a more avid runner. I have been a coach for several 5k and 10k training programs through my job at Fleet Feet Sports.  I have run 8 1/2 marathons, several 5k’s and 10k’s. I am also a beginner triathlete. I participated in 3 triathlons this summer and absolutely loved it! I also participate in Spartans and have run in one trail race.

I love coaching and helping people reach their personal goals and meeting fellow runners in the local community.

I am here to answer any questions or concerns you may have during training. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get started.


Head Coach - Purple Half Marathon Walkers

Alysia has been with Round Rock Fit since 2005 and coaching the Purple Half Marathon team since 2006, most recently focusing on the Walk and Walk/Run groups. She started running in her 50’s and has since completed 7 marathons, nearly 20 half marathons, and taken 1st or placed in her age group in distances from 5K to half marathon. She has also completed a number of road cycling races, and several triathlons, including the USAT Age Group National Championships. Alysia’s goal is to help you cross the finish line injury-free and smiling for the camera.
RRCA-certified Running Coach and Race Director
3rd Place Age Group ARC Distance Challenge Half Track 2013
1st Place Age Group ARC Distance Challenge Half Track 2014
USA Track & Field National Masters Runner
2-Gold, 2-Silver Pheidippides Awards for distance running


Assistant Coach - Team Massage Therapist

I joined Round Rock Fit in 2008, both as a runner and as a volunteer massage therapist each Saturday.  With their help, I ran my first ever marathon in San Antonio that year at age 51, and have since run 6 marathons (including one 50K!).  More importantly, I’ve learned to run faster and hurt less!
I have also focused my massage career on injury re-hab and pain reduction, especially with runners.  Between learning new ways to treat my own numerous injuries and from taking classes focused on runners issues, I’ve learned how to help runners improve their performance and quickly recover from muscular “issues”.  I am also near completing my certification as a Newton Running Coach, helping teach people how to run in a more healthy and natural style.
I look forward to all of the Saturday runs, and am always available with my massage table to work on any of you afterwards and/or share my opinions and experiences with anyone who is interested!


Head Coach - Founder

Kat is the founder of USA FIT Round Rock and served Round Rock Fit runners as organizer and head coach for 13 marathon seasons. She is currently taking a well deserved break and has left Round Rock Fit with a strong membership and coaching base.

Kat has completed over 50+marathons including, Boston, New York, Canada, Houston, Austin, San Antonio & more.  She is certified with Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and have been a Program Organizer/Head Coach for 16+ years. She has focused on recreational and elite runners with great success.  “In her spare time”  She also completed  5 “Century” (100 miles) cycling  events.

Winner Female Masters-San Antonio Marathon (twice)
SunMart 50K-Female Masters-2nd Place
Winner-Female Masters-Turkey Trot, Austin