Area races and their course times

The Haunted Half  10/28/18  Discount code USAFIT2018 For 15% off

San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll 12/1/18     Still working on a group discount

Walkers are welcome! The course limit times are, Full = 7 hours(16 min pace), Half marathon = 4 hours(18 min pace), for the 10k = and 2 hours ( 12 min pace)

Decker Challenge 12/9/18           Discount code AUSTINFIT for $5 off

Walkers are welcome! Our course will remain open and supported for four hours, which is a pace of 18 minutes and 18 seconds per mile. After the course closes at 12 p.m., any participant who chooses to finish the race will be running at his or her own risk. After 12 p.m., the roads will reopen, the water stops will be picked up, and we will begin breaking down the finish line.

Bryan College Station (BCS) 12/9/18         Discount code DANCE2018 for 10%

The course closes on a rolling schedule based on a 15 minute/mile pace. The finish line closes after 6.5 hours at 1:30pm.

USAFIT Rockin Rosolution Race 12/30/18     Discount code USAFIT2018 For 15% off

Each distance, 10 miles and the 20 miles, have 5.75 hours from the time the race starts at 7:30 to cross the finish line.

Chevron Houston Marathon®, Aramco Houston Half Marathon  Sunday, Jan. 20,2019

Participants in both races will need to be able to maintain a pace of 13:45 per mile in order to stay ahead of the streets being re-opened to vehicular traffic. No participants are allowed on the course when the streets are open to vehicular traffic.The marathon finish line will close after 6 hours. Any marathoners finishing after 6 hours will not be scored as official finishers.The half marathon finish line will close after 4 hours. Any half marathoners finishing after 4 hours will not be scored as official finishers.

3m Half Marathon Jan. 20, 2019

Walkers are encouraged as long as they are able to complete the course within the cutoff time. The 3M Half Marathon course will remain open and completely supported for four hours. That’s an 18 minute per mile pace.

USAFIT Houston   Feb. 3, 2019   USAFIT members receive a $10 discount

If you are a walker and want to complete a Full marathon and not be stressed this is your race!!! Not only is it a USAFIT sanction race but the course time limit is 8 hours (18 min pace), no one is left behind. Participants requiring 6 or more hours to finish the race will start at 4:30 a.m.  During online registration you will be asked for your approximate finish time and be prompted to choose the “early start”.  Participants on pace to finish the race in 5:50 hours or less, may not start early because of safety issues. Police protection and street closure timing is fine tuned for this pace.  Starting at 4:40 a.m. and finishing the race under 5 hours and 45 minutes may result in a D.Q. For all other participants who plan to finish in less than 6 hours, the start time is 6:40 a.m.

If a Half marathon is your distance of choice then the  Fort Bend Kia Half Marathon is for you. Athletes can take up to six hours to finish the half marathon course, so no one is left behind.  All levels of runners and walkers are welcome to attend – it is the perfect race for veteran runners or first-time competitors.

Austin  2/17/19

Austin Marathon = 7 hours (16 minute pace)

Austin Half Marathon = 4 hours (18 minute pace)