New season begins in August

Off Season Running Tips
Hope you are still able to get some runs in during RR FIt off season  Coach Randall has some tips for off season running:

As we move into summer we should all have a plan for our training.  For most of us this can be considered an off-season.  By that I mean that most of us aren't training for any particular race in the near term.  That being the case, we should adjust our training and mileage accordingly. 

  • It is very common for even the most serious runners to allow their weekly mileage to decline by one-third or more during the warmer months.  I would encourage everyone to continue running, but it is advisable to give your body a break from the rigors of high mileage.  What works for many people is to maintain the same number of runs each week, but don't go as far with each run.  If you are accustomed to one longer run each week the mileage on that workout may drop significantly.  This gives your body a break without letting all that fitness you worked so hard to gain slip away.
  • This can be a good time to experiment with other training techniques like speed work or hill training. 
  • It is also a good time to engage in any cross-training activities that you may enjoy or have been wanting to try.
  • One other important thing to keep in mind.  Almost everyone is slower in the heat.  The paces that seemed easy in February or March may now be a struggle.  That does not mean that you have lost fitness.  The human body just has to work harder in the heat.  Do not let this worry you and do not try and force yourself to run your cool weather paces in the warmer weather.  Once the weather cools off again chances are good that your pace will increase naturally.
One last note of caution.  In a few more weeks we will be in the depths of the Texas summer.  The heat and humidity can be really daunting.  Always pay attention to your body and be smart about running in tough conditions.  High heat and humidity should be taken seriously.  Always hydrate adequately and avoid running in the heat of the day.  Error on the side of caution in the heat.