My name is Barbara Garcia.  I am married with 3 kids, 6 grandkids and Max, our chihuahua.  I have lived in Round Rock for 30 years!I have been a member of Round Rock Fit since 2009, with the exception of 2010.

I ran my first half marathon in 1988.  I broke my ankle in 1989 and thought that’s the end of my running.  A good friend of mine had other thoughts.  With her support, I ran my second half in 1990. After that, I took a 10 year break before running my next half in 2000.

In 2009, my daughter convinced me to join this great group called Round Rock Fit.  I ran my next half in 2010 with my daughter.  After that race, a doctor told me that it was not good for me to run more than 6 miles and I should consider long distances out the window.  It took me about a year, when I convinced myself that life is too short.  I came back to this great group of people in 2011.

My goal was to run one half marathon a year.  In 2015, I signed up to train for the Austin Marathon in 2016.  Since then my goals have changed with the awesome runners, friends and motivators from Round Rock Fit.  I run for fun, food and my health!

I’m looking forward to sharing stories and meeting new runners this season.  Oh and yes, I have signed up for my second Austin full marathon in 2020!