For some people, running is in their blood from birth, others need a transfusion. I am in the latter group only I needed four transfusions before it stuck!!! I joined Round Rock Fit in 2005, and left because it was too cold in December to run early in the morning. Then I rejoined in 2007 and 2009 only to leave again with injuries that I couldn’t figure out HOW to overcome. You see, I was the kid in class that sat in the back quietly never raising my hand or socializing. Then came 2010. I registered with two friends and we stuck around and listened to the lectures, followed the training schedule, and with everyone’s support I completed the first of eleven half marathons. The next year, 2011, I came back by myself (my two friends did not continue with running) with the intention of running the Austin Half Marathon again. I was registered for the San Antonio Half Marathon in November as well so I decided to run with the Red Pace Group to help get me ready for it.  I made such strong connections with the Red Pace Group during that time that I decided to keep running with them; after lots of preparation and running all the long distances, I decided that I too could run a full marathon. So, in 2012 I ran my first of four full marathons and am now registered for two more in 2017. One of them being the Marine Corps Marathon this October, my first out of state run! 2012 was also the year I signed up for the Austin Distance Challenge. In addition to all of this I’ve ran the Cap10k four times, two of which I had a team of 25+ running with me. All is this is because I learned how to ask questions and joined a great support/training group and now…. I’ve found myself as co-organizer of that same great running group. Who would have thought way back in 2005 this would have happened to the kid that didn’t want to run because it was too cold!