This is my 3rd year with USA FIT Round Rock as a runner and first as an Asst. Coach. I had not run except the occasional elementary school wellness walk events, since I had a hamstring injury after a long run more in 2003. Going through a long physical therapy made me cautious about running until I saw the USA FIT Round Rock flyer one day at Clay Madsen in the summer of 2015. I took a month to decide and register. Six months later I was a marathoner, thanks to amazing guidance from our coaches and fellow runners every session, especially Coach Keith, Coach Craig, Coach Belinda and my neighbor Roy. The single most important factor for my success in training and races so far is the USA FIT Round Rock camaraderie. The inevitable addiction to the Saturday runs and the unpredictability of every run has kept this fun. Running has transformed even mundane business travel destinations into exciting running opportunities. I rarely leave a new destination without pounding the pavement at least for 3 miles.

I continue to be a student of running, however I look forward to help our coaches in whatever ways I can. I hope to identify fellow runners who can benefit by not making the various mistakes I have made. I am training earlier this year for the TCS NYC Marathon on Nov 5th, something I would not have imagined just 3 years ago. My goal for this year is to beat Oprah's marathon time, yes, look it up.